Lona Visits Ohio!

Little me, sitting with the big signs welcoming me to Ohio! –Lona Antoinette <(*.*)>

Lona Getting Dressed

Just finished my new oufit. See how I put it on!     –Lona Antoinette <(*.*)>

New Shoes!

I made new shoes today! Their black with white laces and they match perfectly. I now feel that my sailor lolita outfit is complete. I am very excited about the next outfit I am making. Be sure to stick around to see it. Also look out for a very special announcment in the next couple…

Hi there

My name is Lona. I am so excited to meet all of you. I am even more excited to include you on all of the activities I will be doing as and Amigurumi Lolita doll! I will be doing lots of fun things and I will post all of the pictures right here on my…