About Lona Antoinette



My name is Lona.

I am so excited to meet all of you. I am even more excited to include you on all of the activities I will be doing as and Amigurumi Lolita doll! I will be doing lots of fun things and I will post all of the pictures right here on my blog.

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See you later!

Jya matane! (じゃあまたね)

-Lona Antoinette <(*.*)>


The Lona Antoinette collection by Winter Emerald Crochet Creations is a set of adorable Amigurumi with a passion for photography, Lolita fashion, and blogging, and you can get your very own Amigurumi Lolita doll. We offer different colored dolls and removable outfits.

Be on the look out. We’ll be adding new Lolita outfits and custom doll details at a later date.

Take me to the Shop!


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